David joined the company in summer 2011 on a part-time basis working on the line in the grader. Due to a change in family circumstances, David decided to move into the grader on a full time basis.

When the opportunity to train as a QC came up, David jumped at the chance, saying his thoughts were “I’m going to take the opportunities while I’m here and make the best of it”. It was whilst he was working as a QC that he became more exposed to senior management and worked the extra hours, asking questions and trying to understand the business process in order to try and progress within the business.

In 2014, with the introduction of the NIR Grader, an opportunity arose as a Stock Controller. David successfully applied for the role, gained experience on the computer systems and undertook courses at Holbeach College (including microbiology and a leadership course). David also trained and obtained his certifications in using the shunter and forklifts.

David’s move into raw materials came after working closely with Richard Greetham [Managing Director] for two years. His current role includes planning the raw materials to be purchased, assessing the quality and grade arriving from suppliers. In the last three years, he has travelled to the Netherlands, Egypt and Italy to visit growers, in particular, those growing organic onions, as he is responsible for building the working relationship with those suppliers and the factory. He has also been involved in the development of the grader, reviewing date and the testing of the software.

David says the key to his success is, “Don’t lose the curiosity and drive, if you have those, then the skies the limit."