Our mission, is to ensure our customers delight their customers

and deliver better quality, value and service than anyone else.

What We Do

Freshly harvested onions

Onion & Shallot


We grow 13k tonnes of onions and shallots on our farms in Lincolnshire and Norfolk. As well as potatoes, wheat and sugar beet.

our growing business
shallots on packing line

Onion, Shallot & Garlic


From our site in Moulton, we pack around 100k tonnes of onions, shallots and garlic,  for British supermarkets customers.

our packing business
sliced red onions

Onion, Shallot & Garlic


Rounding off the complete package, we also peel, dice and slice our allium range for retailers and food manufacturers.

our processing business



Our Liverpool based business specialises in importing onions from Spain and Chile and supplying the wholesale markets.

our importing business

Vertically Integrated Allium Supply Chain

We specialise in alliums and manage the supply chain from the field to your plate. Be that in the form of whole bulb onions, garlic and shallots from the supermarket, prepared onions or garlic as part of a ready meal or salad, or eaten in a meal in a restaurant. We offer our growers whole crop utilisation through our varied range of products and customers.

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Our Vision

To always be the first choice for safe, high quality and affordable onions and garlic

Trusted by top UK retailers and manufacturers

Our Values


To be outstanding means lots of things. Aside from the obvious like delivering outstanding quality and service to our customers, you must think with an outstanding mindset. Go above and beyond with every interaction with co-workers, suppliers, customers and the community. Think outstanding in everything you do and of the environment we work in.


We are a family business and building a team of people who all treat each other with respect and as part of the family is essential to building a successful, strong company culture. Think of everyone in the company as a family member and treat them as such. Lead by example and follow through with actions which mirror the way we say we will interact with people. Take responsibility for your actions, have a positive influence on those around and you help each other out for the good of the family.


If we want to stay ahead of our competition we need to not fear change, but to embrace it and actively encourage it. Constantly evolve the way you do things and never think the way you've always done things is the best way as there's always room for improvement. This way of thinking will drive out cost, improve productivity, increase efficiency and improve quality.


Being open, honest and transparent with communication is the corner stone of a strong relationship. It is vitally important to act with integrity, friendliness and compassion when building both internal and external relationships. Remember that how you make others feel with have a direct impact on how they deal with you and how successful those relationships are.

Never Settle

Never settle for 'good enough'. Take pride in everything you do and the people you work with. Always strive to get more done with less even when it seems impossible. Get it right first time. If that fails, make sure you learn from mistakes to get it right the next time and every time after that.

Technical Advancement in Onion Grading

In our never ending quest for quality and efficiency, our Near Infra-Red onion grader can detect internal defects.

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