We are really proud to have become an associate member of The UK Plastics Pact initiative, run by WRAP, and supported by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Plastic is used extensively within our business to package onions and garlic. We have worked extensively over the last three years to reduce our plastic usage.

Reducing film gauge, using smaller sealing jaws, and moving to LDPE plastic as well as implementing the UK's first welded net machines which remove the need for a metal clip in the popular in line onion and garlic net packs, are all initiatives which we have implemented over recent years.

We have also undertaken trials on cotton net, cellulose net and bio plastics as well as paper bags.

We're excited to be working closer with The UK Plastics Pact initiative to further our knowledge and improve our sustainability.

You can find out more about The UK Plastics Pact here. https://wrap.org.uk/taking-action/plastic-packaging/the-uk-plastics-pact