Last Saturday I completed the full 10 mile Tough Mudder with 9 others.  I knew a couple of my fellow teammates well but not so much the others.  By the end however we were comrades in arms and the best of pals.  I could not have completed the course without them.  It was the most gruelling and challenging thing I have ever done.  But it was also one of the most rewarding.  That evening we headed off to the Swan in Moulton to announce how much had been raised.  I knew we had done well, but I had not realised how well.  By Saturday evening we had raised a staggering £3400.

Lily was there with her family when we made the announcement and they were simply overwhelmed.  Watching Lily that evening, I felt very humbled.  She has faced and will continue to face such adversity in her life and yet she never stops smiling.  She had baked cakes for everyone and hopes to open her own café one day.  She also wants to get well enough to complete the Mini Tough Mudder next year.  She is such an inspiration

Lily and her brother are going to decide where they will be going on holiday.  A little birdie tells me that it might be Disneyland Paris.  They hope to go away next Easter once Lily’s chemotherapy has finished and she has had a chance to recover.

None of this would have been possible without the support of our sponsors.  So, a HUGE THANK YOU from me, my fellow team mates and the Sandell family for helping to make this all possible.