We have committed to becoming Net Zero by 2040. In the last 12 months we have moved a good way along this journey by reducing our carbon footprint by 29%, reducing our burden on landfill by 22%, reduced our water usage by 23% and all of our electricity usage is from 100% renewable sources.

We have worked with our gas supplier Flogas to offset our carbon footprint. Flogas Carbon Offsetting allows us to counteract our greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing carbon credits which, in turn invest in a project giving an equivalent reduction of emissions elsewhere in the world; either reducing or absorbing carbon dioxide.

We have also worked with the Open Energy Market Cool Earth project which helps protect vital rainforest. through this project, we have helped save 3.08 acres of rainforest, covered by 740 trees. This has absorbed 801 tonnes of carbon dioxide and produced 234,000 litres of water.

We are also working flat out to reduce our primary packaging usage. Last year we took 11.9 tonnes of packaging our of our supply chain by reducing the film gauge we use. We continue to work on this and have several other initiatives in the pipeline for this year to save even more.

Carbon Offsetting